Giving Youth in Poverty a Chance at Education

Please help Voice of Grace Australia break the cycle of poverty and renew hope in the lives of young people within the squatter communities around San Buena and eastern Manila, Philippines.

Making a difference in the lives of urban poor teenagers in the Philippines.

VOGA is an Aussie charity providing sponsorship and resourcing for Voice of Grace Compassion Ministries Philippines. VOGCM bring education, hope and disaster relief to urban poor youth in Manila through Bright Lights Learning Center and other projects

Voice of Grace Australia

Building Lives & Hope Through Education

For many young people in the Philippines, education is only a dream. With the help of our sponsors and donors we have been able to turn that dream into a reality for children and young people in the San Buena community. Here are some of their stories.


Erika’s Story

Read Erika’s heartwarming story of how she went from struggling to help support her family to now leading a wonderful life with a rewarding career.

Manila's squatter community

Omar’s Story

Read about Omar’s amazing journey from struggle to success and how the Bright Lights Learning Center has changed his life.

success story

Maricar’s Story

From tough beginnings, Maricar tells of her life heartache and struggles. Read how she finds success, peace and love.

Because of Extreme Poverty that my family has experienced, finishing college was really a fantasy for me. But because of God’s love and mercy, that became achievable.

I finished a course that I really dream and that is to hone young minds and help kids develop their God-given talents.

I offer my success first is to God who is the Author of my life. Second is to my family who became my inspiration and motivation to keep going. Third is to Bright Lights Teachers and Staff and to all sponsors of the organization all over the world.

Because of their unified efforts to help unfortunate children like me, I became an even better person that God intended me to be.

Ma-an Castillo Aguilar

Graduate: Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major In Early Childhood., Bright Lights

How You Can Help

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