About VOGA

VOGA is an Aussie charity providing sponsorship and resourcing for Voice of Grace Compassion Ministries Philippines. VOGCM is providing education, hope and disaster relief to urban poor youth in Manila through Bright Lights Learning Center and other projects.

Our mission

We strive to help the urban poor of Manila access education opportunities and community development work.

Making a difference one life at a time.

How VOGA Started

In 2004, Rick & Maria Bell, and Rev. Noel & Reylita Erese (Filipino nationals), formed Voice of Grace Compassion Ministries, Inc, a Filipino registered not-for-profit organisation in order to address the educational needs of Filipino youth in poverty.

The work of VOGCM quickly grew, with the formation of the Bright Lights Learning Center giving youth in poverty a chance at education. Although the school began with 5 students, the student numbers in the 2017/2018 school year were over 150 in the various programs from ‘Catch-up’ education through to University.

Voice of Grace Australia was formed in February 2017 by a number of friends of Rick & Maria Bell. This was done in order to take on the task of managing Sponsorship for Bright Lights Learning Center in Manila, Philippines so that this vital work continues to impact youth in poverty.

The Board of Voice of Grace Australia is:

  • Rev. John Coman [President]
  • Mr Andrew Cresswell [Treasurer]
  • Mr Danny Bakker [Secretary]
  • Mr Rick Bell [Member]
  • Mrs Maria Bell [Member]
Erese - Director of Voice of Grace Compassion Ministries

Let Erese – Director of Voice of Grace Compassion Ministries in Manila, Philippines.

We Value

Every Human Is Precious

All worthy of respect, compassion, and love. 

A heart for the poor

We desire to effect long lasting, sustainable change.

Respectful partnerships

We work alongside those working on the ground.

Serving by giving

We always provide encouragement and offer advice when requested.

Who We Help

VOGA together with our project partners in the Philippines VOGCM seeks to help out-of-school youth and their families in depressed areas of Manila, particularly the San Buena and Boso Boso communities.

who we help VOGA

Who We Are

VOGA is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) and is wholly run by  a number of volunteers from different parts of Australia. We all share a common passion for the charitable work that was commenced by Rick and Maria Bell through VOGCM in Manila.

who we are