San Buena Disaster Relief

From time to time the squatter communities that we serve are impacted by natural disasters such as typhoon-induced flooding, fire and more recently the COVID pandemic.

If and when these disasters occur our response is to provide emergency support through special appeals.

Fire Disaster in San Buena Squatter Community
Rebuilding San Buena after fire
Food Distribution in San Buena during Covid Pandemic

San Buena squatter community disasters

A big fire swept through the San Buena squatter community in February 2019.

Since the fire, many homes have been rebuilt with a better, concrete block ground floor. Some houses in more flood prone areas within San Buena were rebuilt on higher ground. This was made possible because of funding from the local government and through funds raised by VOGA during our fire appeal.

VOGA helped with food distribution for up to 750 families during the global pandemic.

Our contributions to the Feeding Program during Covid have brought hope where there was very little hope. Through our partner, VOGCM, we were able to provide food to families who had no capacity to leave their community to go to work and therefore had no income.

How You Can Help