Bright Lights Boso Boso Teacher


Mabelle Cano

On June 6 2023 a new school year begins in the Philippines and when it does an excited former student of Bright Lights Learning Centre, Mabelle Cano, will return to school, not as a student but as the newly employed teacher for Bright Lights new school in Boso Boso.

manila poverty

Mabelle was supported throughout her Elementary and High School education, as an external student of Bright Lights Learning Centre.   External students are helped to remain in their local government school by receiving support from sponsors for their school supplies, uniforms and transport.

When Mabelle finished High School, Mabelle participated in a one year Bridge Program at Bright Lights Learning Centre, to help her to grasp English language more fully and to prepare her for college education.

She was then sponsored to attend the Institute of Creative Computer Technology, where she graduated in 2021, with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. What an achievement!

Finally, in December 2022, Mabelle passed her exam to receive her License of Teaching. Mabelle had been working in another however, her desire was to teach and to give back to Bright Lights, so she was thrilled to be invited back to teach at the Bright Lights Boso Boso satellite school. 

If you gave to our Kickstart fundraiser in January, you really made a difference, to Mabelle and to the students whom she will teach.